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Did you know that princess cut is a very new cut compared to some other ones (for example cushion or pillow cut that is almost 300 years old?). It was first made in 1960s and it has grown to be a very popular brilliant cut by then. In fact it’s estimated that princess cut engagement rings are the second most looked for right after the round brilliant cut. 

But it’s not just the buyers who love the princess cut; it’s the jewelers and the manufacturers of jewelry as well. You see this cut is the one that wastes the smallest amount of diamond compared to the other ones. The round cut will yield about 40% while with the princess cut this number is going to be a lot higher, about 80% or even 90% in some cases. That is why you will find that princess cut engagement rings, yes the diamond ones, cost less than the ones made in other cuts. And it’s not just that but the fact that this cut is ideal for hiding and masking any flaws your diamond might have. So if you are looking for the very best elegant looking diamond cut while on a bit of a budget I’d advise you to seriously consider the princess cut. 

But there is one downside of owning this princess cut engagement rings. The fact that the princess cut is rectangular has led to one bit wakens of the cut and the diamond – the corner. Like in most cuts the corners are the weakest links as they are prone to chipping and cracking on impact. So if you are set on getting the princess cut diamond rings, make sure to be very careful with the corners as they could break. 

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